Join our weekly virtual rides

Join our weekly virtual rides

Do you have a Zwift account? Can’t get to one of our networking rides in person? Don’t fancy riding in the wind, rain and freezing weather? Well you can keep those wheels turning - we’d love to ride with you in the virtual world.

As well as our calendar of events during the cycling season, we ride together on Zwift every week. All are welcome and it’s absolutely free. To join the virtual rides takes just three quick and easy steps.

  • Register your interest below with your Zwift Username so we can connect on the Companion App and a mobile number so we can add you to the Zwift WhatsApp group.

  • Download the Discord App so that you can join the conversation and witty banter while we ride

  • Turn up and ride

The Social Ride is every Friday morning 7.30 to 8.30. We use the "keep together" function, so it doesn't matter what your ability or fitness level is - you can ride with the pros and still chat! The Team Time Trial is every Thursday evening around 6.45 – 7pm for 45 minutes to an hour and Club rides are arranged on an ad hoc basis depending on interest.


  • What if everyone else is too quick for me? - We use “Keep Together” mode for the Social Ride. Whether you are an Olympian or a first time rider, you are guaranteed to stay together. For the TTT, we enter in different categories to enable everyone to participate: no one gets left behind – we start together, we finish together.
  • Who is in the club? - It is about a 50:50 split between BDO colleagues and friends from outside networks. We have a diverse mix including accountants, lawyers, former Olympians, and even the World Hour record holder...
  • When did the club launch? - BDO Velo was established back in 2015 as a cycling and networking club, running multiple rides and events over the course of the year. BDO virtual Velo was launched in 2020 as we went into lock-down. Since then, we have organised 200+ rides, with more than 1,500 participants, covering >7,000 kms.


“Want to increase your Watts? Join us for a social ride, a team time trial or a general spin around the world of Zwift. BDOVELO virtual rides help improve your cycle fitness during the winter season, present opportunities to ride with professional cyclists and the real added bonus: you learn amazing facts from Nick ‘Google’ Poulter.


“I recently joined the BDOVELO Cycling Group and I'm so grateful that I did. I was worried that as I am fairly new to cycling that I was going to be out of my depth. Luckily, my fears have not come true as they cater for all levels and are super welcoming. The winter Zwift rides are a great way to meet like-minded female (and male) riders who want to chat and get fit on the bike.”


“The BDO Zwift rides are a great way to start a Friday morning and I would thoroughly recommend them. We discuss the week's news, sports results and weekend riding plans all through the Discord app. The keep together mode means you can simply turn the pedals whilst sipping your morning coffee or send your heart rate soaring all without fear of being dropped or getting lost. It really doesn’t matter if you are new to the sport or a seasoned pro (sometimes they do turn up… Nico Roche, Dan Bigham), you can still ride with the group joining on a virtual mountain bike or full on speed machine. I would recommend giving it a go, so you can find out for yourself the benefits of the BDO Zwift community.


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