Office Visitors

Visitors to our offices are required to sign in at the reception area. We will keep a record of visitors to our offices for a short period of time in order to maintain the security of our premises and ensure the safety of any visitors e.g. in an emergency situation. Records of visitors to our offices will be destroyed when no longer needed. We will only share information about who has visited our offices where required for the detection or investigation of crime or to maintain the safety and security of our offices.

In order to maintain the security of our offices, CCTV is used at our premises by the owners of the properties that we occupy and their agents. We may, on request of the relevant owner of the property access the recordings and information taken by their CCTV to prevent and facilitate the investigation of crime.

Where we process personal data for the above purposes, we rely on the following lawful bases:

1. Where it is necessary for performance of legal obligations
2. Where it is in our, or a third party’s, legitimate interests, provided that:

i. the processing is necessary to pursue the legitimate interests;
ii. the interests of the data subjects do not override the legitimate interests; and
iii. the data subjects have the right to:

a. request deletion of their personal data, provided they object to our processing and their interests override our own or a third party’s;
b. restrict processing of their personal data, provided they object to the necessity of the processing. In such circumstances, processing may be restricted for such time as to allow us to investigate their objections;
c. object to the processing of their personal data in circumstances where such processing is necessary for a legitimate interest, or where processing is used for marketing purposes.