Court dismisses claims against BDO partners in One Blackfriars Case

23 March 2021

This was a large case brought by the joint liquidators of One Blackfriars Ltd against two partners of BDO who acted as that company’s former administrators, one of whom has since died - with around £250m being claimed. 

The court has today dismissed all of the joint liquidators’ claims against the former administrators.

The judge concluded as follows:

“The [joint liquidators] have failed to persuade me that the [former administrators] acted in breach of any of their duties. It was therefore not necessary for me to consider any of the issues relating of loss of chance, damages or causation.

“The [joint liquidators’] claim is dismissed in its entirety.”

Gervase MacGregor, Head of Risk & Reputation at BDO, said: “We always considered that the claims made against us were entirely without merit.  We are pleased with the result.  Thanks go to our legal team at Mayer Brown and 4 New Square and to the technology providers who enabled a four-week trial to take place completely remotely.”