BDO launches secure generative AI platform Personas

BDO launches secure generative AI platform Personas

BDO UK has launched a secure generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Personas, for its 7,500 employees as part of the firm’s ongoing investment in digital and innovation.

Personas is a secure internal AI platform designed and built by BDO to augment employees and boost productivity. 

Using the latest GPT-4 models, it will make day-to-day tasks more efficient and free up time for people to provide more complex, strategic advice that clients and businesses need.

BDO says Personas will support a wide range of tasks from drafting reports and new content to analysing documents and finding ways to improve efficiencies.

One of its main features is the ability to take on the style and specialism of each user, using custom personas to refine prompts and receive outputs tailored to the individual and purpose. It has embedded BDO voice capabilities, ensuring brand guidelines around language, tone of voice and writing style can be reflected in all outputs. 

Built using Microsoft AI technology, Personas operates in a secure BDO environment to ensure confidentiality and compliance of data. It is being rolled out to the firm’s 7,500 people, with extensive support and training available to all staff. 

Dan Francis, Partner and Chief Innovation and Digital Officer at BDO, says: “Personas is a great example of the technology at BDO that has been developed by our people for our people. 

“It underpins our human-led, technology-powered strategy and is demonstrative of our commitment to supporting employees in engaging with rapidly advancing technology such as AI.”

He adds: “We are working hard to ensure Personas is valuable to the work we do every day and, importantly, that our people have the tools and digital mindset needed to amplify their own learning and development and deliver best value to the businesses we work with.”

Personas was born out of BDO Labs, the firm’s innovation platform powered by the ideas of employees across all areas of the business to accelerate the development of digital products and services. 

In the last year, BDO Labs conducted more than 100 technology experiments, resulting in new digital products and platforms and the saving of hundreds of thousands of people-hours for the firm. 

Dan Francis heads up the firm’s Innovation and Digital Office. He joined BDO in 2019 and was made a partner at BDO in November. 

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The organisations we work with are Britain’s economic engine –entrepreneurially-spirited, high-growth businesses that fuel the economy.  

We understand the ambitions and entrepreneurial mindset of those we work with and have the global reach, integrity and expertise to help people and businesses succeed.  

BDO LLP operates in 17 offices across the UK, employing 7,500 people offering tax, audit and assurance, and a range of advisory services. BDO LLP is the UK member firm of the BDO international network.

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