• Customs Declaration Assessment tool

Customs Declaration Assessment tool

Do you check your customs declarations?

When you import goods into the UK or export goods from the UK you, as the importer/ exporter, you are legally required to submit a customs declaration to HMRC providing details of those goods and establishing how much duty and import VAT you owe. You may ask your freight forwarder to carry out this process on your behalf, but you remain legally liable for that declaration – Do you know what information has been submitted?

What could happen if I have errors in my customs declarations?

Customs declarations are still a manual process with the ever present likelihood of human error.  If there are errors in your customs declarations which are not picked up and rectified, HMRC could:

  • Initiate a customs audit at your premises
  • Demand payment from you of any under paid duty and import VAT going back
    three years
  • Issue financial penalties for non compliance, (even where there is no customs
    duty due)
  • Lower your compliance rating more generally across all taxes.

What can you do?

To minimise the risk of the above taking place, you should check the accuracy of all your customs declarations.  However, for many companies this is not practical due to a lack of resource, time or knowledge.

How does our Customs Declaration Assessment Tool help you?

Our low cost Customs Declaration Assessment Tool will analyse all your customs declarations and highlight those with a risk of errors, allowing you to make the necessary rectifications with HMRC, so that you avoid unexpected duty and import VAT demands, costly financial penalties and unwelcome audits/low compliance scorings.

How does our Customs Declaration Assessment Tool work?

  • We take your customs declaration data from HMRC (MSS)
  • We interrogate and process it in our data analytics tool
  • You receive an easy to read report giving you all the details of your previous month’s imports/exports
  • Your actual imports/exports are compared to your import/export profile and anomalies/errors are highlighted. These can then be quickly investigated and rectified
  • The report will also show you how your freight forwarders are performing – are they following your instructions, using the correct data or even sub-contracting the declaration process to another company without your knowledge?
  • You can also see emerging trends and opportunities to make duty cost savings in your supply chain.

Next Steps

For further details of our Customs Declaration Assessment Tool and how this can help you, please get in touch with members of our team Hakan Henningsson or Juliet Wallwork.