David Eagles

David Eagles



David has 32 years' audit experience, with over 29 of those specialising in the public sector. He is a partner leading on business development for our Public Sector External Audit team.

David has worked across the complete spectrum of local government and NHS bodies, has experience of central government audit and retains a portfolio of corporate audits linked to the NHS and local government.

David is the firm's contact partner for our Public Sector Audit Appointments contracts and our representative on both the NAO-chaired Local Auditors Advisory Group and the ICAEW Public Sector Advisory Group. David has also represented the firm on a variety of other groups and working parties over the last 20 years.

Internationally, David has led international development funding assurance projects and is BDO UK’s representative on the Global Public Sector Steering Committee, which supports international joint working and business development, including the EU Key Account Programme.

David has drafted and piloted audit tools and guides in many areas, including treatment of long-term conditions, practice based commissioning, GP probity, specialised commissioning and GP commissioning transfers, and has also provided consultancy advice to a range of organisations, including on demand management, cross sector partnership working and accounting advice.