Ed Dwan, Partner

Executive Summary

Ed is the partner who leads the North West Business Unit with offices located in both Manchester and Liverpool. In addition Ed has a significant number of client relationships, many of which are drawn from the Tax Risk Consulting practice that he heads nationally.  

He specialises in assisting both companies and individuals to manage their tax risks; either in response to specific HMRC enquiries or proactively managing tax risk issues to substantially reduce the clients' risk profile. This has included providing advice for a number of Internal Audit reviews of Tax Departments and processes. Ed was the only professional adviser outside of London to be a member of the HMRC working party which consulted on the guidelines for the new Senior Accounting Officer sign-off rules. He has led SAO projects for approximately 50 clients since the rules were introduced in 2009. Ed regularly participates in HMRC consultations around Tax Risk, most recently over the introduction of Tax Strategies for large corporates.

His clients have ranged from private companies to large multinational groups (including a number listed in the FTSE 250). Prior to joining BDO in 2008, Ed was a Director at Ernst & Young.  This was preceded by approximately ten years within HMRC as a Fully Trained Inspector of Taxes, covering a wide variety of corporate tax issues.