John Turner

John Turner

Partner, Head of BDO Regulatory Solutions

Financial Services

Executive summary

John is a financial services advisory partner and Head of BDO Regulatory Solutions. He has over 25 years’ experience across Banking, Investments, Wealth Management, Insurance, Consumer Credit and Pensions, with a focus on resource augmentation and programme management. Previously, John held senior roles in the main regulatory consultancies before setting up and growing his own business.

John has secured, set-up and overseen some of the largest confidential review, remediation and outcome testing operations in UK financial services. 


  • Won and secured a remediation project for a UK retail bank under s166 for investment bond misselling, with 53,000 customers affected and redress in excess of £100 million paid out. Delivered as a fully managed service with a team of over 500 and a customer contact centre
  • Secured and managed one of the biggest outcome testing operations in the sector for a top UK retail bank
  • Acted as a consultant to a UK retail bank, providing expertise and developing cost and quality frameworks for procurement of past business review and remediation solutions
  • Involved in the judicial review of PPI for a leading retail bank, overseeing the provision of information from the bank to the regulator
  • Won and set-up a significant investment complaints management project, delivered as a fully managed service with a team of over 300 FTE.
  • Experienced in the set up and management of confidential regulatory projects.