Lucy Sauvage, Partner

Lucy is a Partner based in Manchester with two specific areas of focus:

Tax Dispute Resolution – Lucy has 15 years’ experience in this area, successfully assisting clients of all types in regularising tax affairs via voluntary disclosure, civil disclosure facility (Code of Practice 9), HMRC enquiries (COP 8 to local enquiry); including UK and offshore disclosures.  Lucy also has experience using ADR to help clients settle tax disputes.

Tax Risk Management and Assurance – Lucy advises clients (including FTSE 100 and 250) in all risk and governance areas including: Corporate Criminal Offence for not preventing the facilitation of tax evasion, Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) reviews, tax strategy development, tax and business risk reviews and HMRC dispute resolutions. Lucy has written a number of articles published on the subject of SAO, Tax Strategy and BRR, and is recognised as an expert in this field within BDO.