Matthew Watkins, Director

Matthew is a Director in the Tax Dispute Resolution Team based in London and specialises in resolving difficult tax investigations, making appropriate tax disclosures on behalf of his clients and resolving long-running tax disputes with HMRC. Matthew has extensive experience in the following areas:

  • tax investigations (civil fraud (Code of Practice 9), HMRC enquiries (COP 8 to local enquiry) and assistance with criminal investigations);
  • tax disclosures (UK and offshore disclosures including the Worldwide Disclosure Facility);
  • tax dispute resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution and tax schemes);

Matthew has been recognised a rising star in the area of Tax Dispute Resolution having been named as one of EPrivateClient’s “Top 35 under 35” in 2017 and by Accountancy Age in their “35 under 35” 2019 rankings. He has spent 13 years helping clients and achieving great results on their behalf.