Pauline McGee

Pauline McGee


Executive summary

Pauline is a chartered accountant who started her career as an auditor. Prior to joining BDO she spent 10 years in accounting and audit training in the UK and in Southern Africa and she spent 3 years as a Team Leader and Inspector at the Financial Reporting Council. She is the Head of the Quality and Risk Management Team, which comprises the Legal Team, the Chief Information Security Office Team and the Advisory and Compliance Team.

Pauline sits on the firm's Information Security Committee and she is the firm's Data Protection Officer. She hold the Chartered Institute of Privacy Professionals Europe (CIPP/E) certification. She leads the firm’s own internal audit process and she is the firm's partner responsible for training (QPRT).

Pauline has been a member of the ICAEW’s Investigation Committee since 2014 and prior to that she was a member of their Audit Registration Committee for 6 years.