Sannan Khan

Sannan Khan


Forensic Accounting Services

Executive summary

My practice ranges from investigation (of white-collar crime, financial and accounting fraud, theft, contract non-performance and bribery to more extensive forms of employee and corporate misconduct such as confidentiality breaches and conflicts of interest), design and implementation of fraud risk management and anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance programme to third party supplier contract reviews. I also have a strong interest in and experience of deployment of appropriate technology and corporate intelligence solutions in investigations – particularly the use of data analytics (structured and unstructured data) and open, closed and human intelligence.

My commercial sector experience is in manufacturing, consumer markets, real-estate, construction and building products, financial services, iGaming, and pharmaceutical sectors. My not-for-profit sector experience includes social housing; charities; and education. My public sector experience includes local councils and NHS (both at local and central government levels).