Shawn Healy, Tax Principal

Shawn Healy

Tax Principal

020 7893 2433


Shawn is a Principal who specialises in Employment Tax, who has experience across the breadth of our client base with a particular interest in professional sports, whether this is for clubs or the men and women that are at the heart of sport – the players. Shawn heads up our national Tax in Sport team.

Shawn has significant experience across the sports industry and a real understanding of the specific tax issues that can impact organisations that engage players, and the players themselves whether they are part of a team or an individual. Given players are often so high profile it can be difficult to be low profile and avoid the attention of HMRC. He has significant experience of working with HMRC and has developed and maintains a good relationship with senior HMRC sports specialists and is able to secure the best outcome for clients. Domestic tax legislation is complex and as is often the case in sport there is an international dimension which adds another layer of difficulty to consider. Shawn can cut through the complexity and provide pragmatic, practical advice.

Whilst Shawn focuses on Employment Tax issues in the sports sector, he is supported by the wider tax team that can provide UK and international personal tax advice, assist with resolving tax disputes and also Corporate matters. Please use Shawn as your initial point of contact for any Tax in Sport query.

Sports Sector Client experience:

AFC Wimbledon, Brentford FC, Brighton & Hove Albion FC, Cardiff City FC, Formula E, QPR FC, Norwich City FC, Racing Point F1, Sport England, Southampton FC, Swansea AFC, The Jockey Club, Watford FC.