Thirushen Govender

Thirushen Govender


Financial Services

Executive summary

I am a Financial Services Technology Risk Assurance (TRA) Partner, specialising in managing various aspects of IT risk assessments, implementation reviews, general computer controls testing, application controls testing, and technical infrastructure reviews. My primary objective is to ensure that information system processes support complete and accurate transaction flows into the financial reporting process.

Delivering exceptional service is my passion. As the Banking and Alternate Finance Lead for TRA, I actively foster collaboration and leverage the skills of our team's resources to deliver comprehensive, consistent, and sustainable solutions. By closely collaborating with stakeholders within the firm and the broader sector, I ensure that our solutions are tailored and pragmatic, meeting the specific needs of our audited entities.

Maintaining the highest level of audit quality is of utmost importance to me. Upholding the reputation and trust associated with the BDO brand is a top priority, and I consistently strive to meet the needs of our audited entities while upholding the public interest.

Beyond my professional role, I actively engage in initiatives that drive positive change. I take pride in participating in the world's largest cross-firm mentoring program, contributing to the development and growth of aspiring professionals. Additionally, I am passionate about promoting awareness and equal opportunities within the firm, collaborating with others to enhance diversity and inclusion initiatives.