Previous editions of MEDIAtalk

23 February 2021

MEDIAtalk H1 2021 - Raising the volume

In this edition we hear from the Netherlands as our spotlight country and find out the results from our survey of the media sector. See how confident businesses are feeling, their plans for growth, and the challenges ahead in the next 12 months. The report provides a useful benchmark if you are looking to find out how your peers are coping and what their next moves could be. 



MEDIAtalk H1 2020 - Flexible, Versatile, Resilient

If ‘uncertainty’ was last year’s term of choice for pundits, the run of events
in the first half of this year have seen it replaced by ‘unprecedented’.
Certainly, unfolding economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic appears
to fit the bill. This year has posed immense difficulties, and the unhappy
truth is that there are more challenges ahead.



MEDIAtalk H2 2019 - The Vibrant Mid-Market

Looking back over 2019, the pace of change in the media market has been undeniable. Despite ongoing political and economic challenges, the media world continues to drive ahead.

This edition of MEDIAtalk reveals a strong trend of transactions targeting the mid-market led by private equity firms enacting buy and build strategies.



MEDIAtalk H1 2019 - Resilence and Resolve

We highlight the activity of the first half of 2019. Despite political uncertainty placing renewed stress on the markets, there have been a number of interesting deals.

Find out the current trends in M&A activity and what is on the horizon for the second half of 2019.



MEDIAtalk H2 2018 - Exploring global and UK media Mergers & Acquisitions

We examlne which global regions, sectors and deals drove strong M&A in Media during the second half of 2018.

Global media M&A activity saw combined deal values exceeding US$120 billion with publishing, broadcasting and content, and advertising the most attractive businesses to potential buyers.



MEDIAtalk H1 2018 - France: A Leader in the Media Renaissance 

Deals targeting Western Europe retained the 18% market share seen in 2017, dropping by 3% to 15% on the buy-side of deals. France was the most popular target country within Western Europe in H1. While Brexit concerns may have reduced the UK market share of deals in the first half of 2018, it retained its position as a central hub for media M&A.




MEDIAtalk H2 2017 - The Future is Bright in India

2017 was a stellar year for a vibrant media sector. This report explores the successes of the past six months in terms of global and UK deals, and shines a spotlight on India which is increasingly becoming a targeted region for M&A activity. 



MEDIAtalk H1 2017 - Big vs. Small

This edition investigates whether size is everything. Ideals are changing and the idea of needing to have an office in every notable city in the world is starting to be challenged by the exciting and impressive capability of programmatic.

This technology is steadily causing brands to question their needs, and in turn, their spending.


MEDIAtalk H2 2016 - US special 

This edition shines a light on the US media market and the strong deal making history between the US and the UK. On a value basis, in 2016, US-based companies invested a record breaking amount in targeting UK media businesses. Transaction levels have increased in recent years, as shared cultural, business and language connections have driven M&A activity


MEDIAtalk H1 2016 - Spotlight on private equity 

This edition takes a deep dive into private equity, an asset class which continues to maintain average year-on-year investment levels of 18% of all M&A within the media space. However, investors have yet to be lured in numbers away from the predictable revenue streams of subscriber-based businesses or traditional media companies.


MEDIAtalk H2 2015 - A biannual summary of corporate deal activity in the media sector 

This edition takes a close look at media activity and reports that content deals continue to be one of the primary drivers of M&A. 2014 saw the number of deals in the sector reach a post-recession high with volumes at their highest level for seven years whilst deal values reached an all-time high.