Rethinking the Regions

This online hub aims to give you the detailed regional knowledge you need to benchmark your business against your peers as the UK works to contain the impact of COVID-19 and navigates the complex economic landscape resulting from the fight against the virus.

To see the latest data and insights for your region, simply select it on our interactive map. We are updating key data points on a monthly basis and adding new insights as and when they arise.

Importantly, too, we know your situation can change rapidly and drastically in these uncertain times, so if you have queries or concerns then don’t hesitate to reach out to our regional teams.

Our people are working tirelessly to bolster the future of UK businesses and our Rethink framework has been specially designed to give your organisation a template for safeguarding your operations, building resilience and succeeding in our new reality. To find out more, talk to us now.

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