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Like many other regions the last two years have had major implications for the wider Scottish economy. History tells us that the rate of recovery of mid-sized businesses will play an important role in Scotland’s overall economic recovery.


Our latest data shows that Scottish businesses are feeling the pressures right now. To counteract the impact of rising levels of inflation, businesses are changing to cheaper suppliers (23%) and raising their prices (25%). As well as rising inflation (21%) being amongst the top three threats to business growth, Scottish business leaders are concerned about supply chain issues (24%), and rising energy prices (23%).

On a more positive note, they told us how they are increasingly focussing on ESG, this is being driven by greater customer demand and commercial benefit. In Scotland, the biggest ESG priority is to improve workforce and executive diversity, equality and inclusion relating to socio-economic diversity and mobility (25%). In addition, businesses are focussed on making the business Net Zero in the next five years (23%) and improving workforce and executive diversity, equality and inclusion specifically relating to gender. 34% said that the biggest barrier to achieving this currently is the financial investment required.

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