BDO’s Yorkshire and North East team, based in Leeds, has served Britain’s economic engine for over 15 years. We offer a diverse breadth of services across the region and a number of our national sector specialists, including the national BDO head of food and drink and head of transport, logistics and supply chain management, sit in our region.


Business leaders in Yorkshire and the North East remain bullish, and with good reason: the region has a diverse mid-market ecosystem that was growing fast before the coronavirus pandemic.

In the new reality, it is likely some sectors, such as manufacturing and retail, will have to react and build resilience before realising future benefits. But there are also many sectors, from food and drink to FMCG that could be naturally resistant to the shocks of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.


According to our latest Rethinking the Economy survey forty per cent of mid-sized businesses in Yorkshire said the cost-of-living crisis is the biggest threat to business success over the next six months.

Only ten percent of companies in the region are planning to raise salaries in line with current inflation rates to support staff with the cost-of-living crisis, compared to a national figure of 30% of companies raising wages above inflation rates.

Despite these challenges businesses in Yorkshire are looking towards innovation to counteract the impact of inflation with 30% saying they will launch new products or service or introduce new systems to increase efficiency and reduce costs across their business.

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Yorkshire companies face exposure to unpaid tax and penalties over Plastic Packaging Tax registration

August 2022
Our latest research shows that nearly a third of affected mid-sized businesses in Yorkshire have yet to register for the newly-introduced Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), over three months after it came into force.

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BDO Advisory Services
Yorkshire, Humber & North East

View our latest range of advisory services delivered by specialists across our region.

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North East businesses focus on growth in the face of increasing challenges

June 2022
55% of North East businesses are generating more income than pre-pandemic revenues, with a further 32% generating the same level.

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HMRC is back doing its day job, so what’s on the agenda for businesses?

May 2022
It’s fair to say that the last two years have been somewhat of distraction for HMRC, as it assumed the responsibility of delivering Government-led emergency support during the global pandemic.

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Plastic Packaging Tax begins

April 2022
Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) has been introduced and BDO’s specialist Plastic Packaging Tax team has found that businesses are in varying states of readiness.

What's the latest news on PPT?

People-powered growth – could talent stall a North East recovery?

February 2022
According to our most recent Rethinking the Economy survey of 500 medium-sized businesses, North East businesses plan to hire more people to support growth in 2022.

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Economic headwinds and the challenges for Directors

April 2022
Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) has been introduced and BDO’s specialist March 2022 Company Directors have had to respond to an array of issues during the pandemic including operational disruption, staff safety and well-being and for many, significant financial pressures.

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National Minimum Wage – a guide for 2022

February 2022
Read about the latest changes in NMW legislation.

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What does it take to become a business adviser of the future in 2022?

February 2022
The opportunities are vast. So, what does it take to become a business adviser of the future in a sector committed to adapting to what the future may bring?

What does it take?

Investment is key to achieving growth targets in 2022

December 2021
The message has been clear from Yorkshire businesses throughout the pandemic: we’re still open for business and we want to grow.

Looking ahead


Do sectors need to ‘level up’ when it comes to R&D?

February 2022
Following the Government's levelling up white paper, we look at R&D in the logistics sector.

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Yorkshire businesses seek private equity funding in growth push

October 2021
Nearly a quarter of Yorkshire businesses are looking for private equity investment, in a bid to achieve post-pandemic growth.

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Regional investment opportunities following Freeport announcement

August 2021
Yorkshire & Humber businesses rethink investment plans in light of Freeport announcement.

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