• Financial Model Assurance
    and Advisory Services

    Financial model analysis and audit experts in model build, model audit
    and due diligence for global infrastructure projects

Key enabler of international project finance deals

Our UK-based Financial Model Assurance Services team has market-leading expertise and experience in in supporting project finance, acquisition and secondary market transactions and financings across all sectors including renewables, infrastructure finance and public private partnerships (PPPs). We have twice been named by InfraNews as top global Model Auditors in their project finance League Tables.

Our clients are typically funders, developers or investors bidding for, or seeking to finance, a project. We also act for those looking to acquire or sell interests in assets or infrastructure projects. Whether you are in either of these categories, or whether you require a model review or audit for a lender, institutional investor or credit agency, our services are tailored to provide you with the right degree of both assurance and reliance to support your financing, commercial and investment decisions.

Our core services include:

  • Model Audit and Review – A leading brand in the sector, internationally recognised and respected, our assurance service ensures your project or transaction meets funder/bid requirements and conditions precedent 
  • Model Development - Financial, operational or cost forecast models built to exacting standards to meet your needs
  • Equity Transaction Support - Expert support whether you’re buying, selling or valuing an infrastructure asset, or looking at ways to enhance the equity value of those assets
  • Specialist accounting and tax advice – Both in the UK and throughout our BDO International network we can provide specialist accounting and tax support for your projects 

We have supported over 1,500 projects worldwide since 1996, including model audits for many award-winning projects. We have in depth experience in all sectors including: 

  • Transport infrastructure (roads, rail, trams, bridges, ports and airports)
  • Social infrastructure (schools, hospitals/health facilities, housing, defence and leisure)
  • Conventional energy (IPPs, IWPPs, CCGT)
  • Renewable energy (solar PV, biomass, waste-to-energy, onshore and offshore wind)
  • Mining
  • Petrochemicals (oil, gas, LNG)
  • Environmental (waste, water)
  • Regulatory reviews and regulated assets

We pride ourselves on adopting a pragmatic and flexible multi-layered approach to the audit of financial models, with a focus on risk and tailored to your needs. Our proven and comprehensive bottom-up ‘all cells’ testing is only part of an approach designed to evaluate the model’s structure, data flows and logic, and is allied with top-down analysis and testing focusing on key risk areas using a range of analytical procedures, including re-performance, proof in totals, trend analysis and sense checking.  We know from our experience that this comprehensive approach successfully means all relevant issues are identified, resolved or reported to the relevant parties. 

Close liaison with clients and key stakeholders at each stage of our work and keen attention to what makes each project unique is central to our approach.  We believe that this is why clients continually instruct us on their most complex and critical transactions and we are proud that many of our deals have been recognised by industry publications and award nominations. 

For further details of how we can help you, please contact Kirit Mistry or Mark Holmes.