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The Ambitious Entrepreneur: Tackling your barriers to growth

29 September 2021

As the UK economy recovers from the pandemic, entrepreneurs are setting ambitious revenue growth goals, with plans to enter new product categories, expand into new markets and improve their financial operations. This report, based on a survey of over 200 ambitious, entrepreneurial UK businesses, explores those ambitions, the obstacles, and challenges to growth and how the right strategic support and advice will help to overcome them. 

It is clear that achieving ambitious growth targets will require a strategic plan, a full understanding of and view into financial performance, a values-based, ethical talent strategy and the ability to commercialise creative ideas. Entrepreneurs are having to rethink how they do business from the business model and strategy down. The Ambitious Entrepreneur report examines how best to successfully achieve these strategic goals while keeping on top of day-to-day management tasks.

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The report examines the role and value of strategic guidance and support on a company’s ability to drive revenue growth, develop and launch new products/services, boost customer satisfaction, access funding and retain top talent. 

The UK’s entrepreneurial businesses have shown remarkable resilience and agility over the last two years. They have responded to some enormous business challenges and are now achieve high growth. However, as entrepreneurs steer their businesses and people through significant change, they also need to manage businesses operations efficiently and effectively. They are struggling to find the time to focus on developing a strategic vision and growth planning. 

5 Barriers to building a future-proof strategy

Mark Sykes, Head of Entrepreneurial Businesses, discusses the barriers you may face when setting and executing the strategic direction of your business:


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