An evening with Cyclefit

What you always get when you chat to BDOVELO Ambassadors, Julian and Phil from Cyclefit, is straight-talking!  And so it was at our BDOVELO Season Opening Webinar on Wednesday evening. 

How has COVID impacted on your year?  "It's been hard: bike fitting has given way to extra workshop space, but I could park outside the Covent Garden Shop! [There was the obvious follow-up – “what you don’t cycle to work” but we didn’t go there!]  We aren't seeing the pros as usual at this time of year, that's a shame. And everyone's locked away but we've been reminded how to look after bikes and done a lot of routine maintenance for key workers on their 3 speeds, and we are happy to do our bit". 

And so the evening progressed….

Why go to you guys for a cycle-fit?  “Because we’re old and we've been at this game for years and seen a lot - actually everything, from a lack of mobility to surgical recovery, to just being out of shape!  But we are here to help ….and it all starts with the way the foot sits on the pedal.”

You've got to credit the guys - it all makes sense. 

The old perennial came up regarding the pros and cons of indoor training. Phil's comparison with pole dancing in your living-room I'm sure raised a chuckle out in the ether!  And I think we all agreed that on icy mornings a ride inside is better than a broken hip!  We'll leave it there…

One of our quick fire questions elicited a sound rebuttal:  In your view did Fabian Cancellara mechanically dope? " Highly unlikely, the evidence isn't there.”

We'll leave that one there too.

So the “pedallers” of Trek, Seven, Colnago and Passoni bikes, to name a few, kept us smiling for 50 minutes on a dark January evening, when talking bikes is the next best thing to riding one. 

Thank you to “Win or Lose” for their kind donation of socks for the draw - see www.win-or-lose.com. Some great January offers out there and not just socks…..but if you’re after a bike, or even a turbo, the best of luck!

Thanks to Phil and Jules  www.cyclefit.co.uk - take a look, it's a great website.


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