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BDO’s hotel industry experience goes back nearly a century. Today, we are at the forefront of the field, working with the industry's market leaders. Our experienced and passionate partners and staff find and help implement actionable insights that make a difference to our clients’ businesses. We take the time to understand the business and people behind the numbers so that we can use our expertise to maximum effect.

The expertise of our specialist accountancy team ranges from the annual requirement for audits, financial statements and tax compliance to more specialist advisory work. We also help our clients with taxation planning and structuring, international operations, VAT and employment taxes, business valuations and other transactional support. Our people sit on the HOSPA Council and Technical Committee.

Hotels services consultancy

Whether you are thinking about opening a new hotel, researching a new site, enhancing your competitive position, expanding overseas or seeking independent accountancy advice, BDO offers you a reliable, professional and above.  Our hotel industry consultants deliver actionable insights and proposals on all aspects of developing, buying, selling, owning and operating properties in the leisure industry.

Hotel Industry knowledge

We keep our clients up to speed with the latest issues and movements of the market, both nationally and internationally, presenting our findings through our comprehensive annual publications, Hotel Britain, Hotel Quarters and Country Trends. We also maintain one of the world’s best research and monthly benchmarking databases. In an industry which can be volatile and heavily affected by world events, we can give our clients vital insights into what they can do to improve their relative performance and market position.

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