Integrated Business Planning

21 April 2016

BDO support NHS organisations in developing robust business plans, aligning strategy to operational and financial performance to deliver  long term goals. We work with providers and commissioners alike, with foundation trusts and with aspirant NHS foundation trusts to develop a credible IBP document for the authorisation process.

Our BDO healthcare team offer support to these processes in the following key areas:

  • Strategy & vision – support for development of strategic vision using our knowledge of healthcare strategy, aligned with facilitation and engagement skills and techniques
  • Market assessment – market analysis, assessment and review;
  • Operational performance – clinical and operational planning including patient pathways; change management
  • Financial performance – review and development of Long Term Financial Model (LTFM); development of financial strategy; review and development of operational and financial plans (see CIP; QuIPP) (link to CIP/QIPP page); financial analytics and modelling
  • Business case development – we develop strategic, outline and full business cases, service and estate development to internal and externally approved (OGC / DH / Treasury) standard
  • Leadership and workforce – leadership and organisational development; workforce reviews
  • Risk management – development and review of risk management framework; support for risk assessment and management
  • Governance 
  • Development and review of Integrated Business Planning documents (IBP's)

Please click on the following case studies demonstrating successful projects we have undertaken within this area.

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, LTFM Support

Kent & Medway, Contracting Advice and Systems Development