• Finance & Accounting Technology

    Helping you maximise the productivity of your finance function.

Finance & Accounting Technology

Our team support finance leaders to implement the latest, innovative cloud accounting solutions alongside tailored ecosystems of tools and apps designed to support productivity, operational performance, business agility and timely management information.

For businesses to be successful, management and finance teams must have access to timely, accurate and relevant financial and non-financial information in order to make informed decisions and compare actual performance to agreed objectives. 

To compete and thrive, many businesses are now looking to optimise their finance and accounting function – with a particular focus on leveraging technology to identify and address some of the productivity roadblocks that exist.

We help clients realise the potential when implementing accounting platforms and can assist with the design of a solution that’s fit for purpose, streamline and automate processes, enhance controls and implement the platform to the required specification giving confidence around the process.

Does your finance function suffer from the following pain points?

  • Limited financial insights and access to management information
  • Adopted cloud accounting but haven’t felt the benefits or need to scale the solution with add on applications
  • Outgrown the current platform due to volumes of transactions, complexities or additional entities
  • Manual and time consuming processes including data entry and approval workflows
  • Recurring costs and updates to maintain legacy systems
  • Wider operational requirements such as CRM, inventory and expense management
  • Multiple locations and departments presenting challenges for reporting and remote access
  • Expansion into new markets which requires an accounting platform that can support a group with multi-currency, consolidated reporting and reconciliations
  • Lack of controls and segregation of duties including spending and cost control
  • Lack of information held within the platform and difficult to access quickly, for example, customer insights and activity
  • The need for better security and back up of data.

How we can support your finance function with digital transformation:

We act as the pivot between your business requirements and the software or app vendor – adding insights from an accounting, finance and regulatory perspective.

Our methodology is proven having supported clients from across all sectors with finance and accounting technology transformations – taking care to recommend and implement solutions that can scale with you throughout your business lifecycle. 

We’ll ensure that your finance and accounting technology stack makes sense for management, investors and stakeholders.

Our services:

  • ERP and accounting system support
    • Specification
    • Independent selection
    • Procurement
  • Accounting systems
    • Health checks
    • Optimisation & implementation
    • Data migration
    • Training & after care support
  • Finance business process review
  • Cloud application advisory, implementation and integration
  • Tax technology and tax performance engineering

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