The Audit and Risk Committee checklist

08 December 2021

Audit and Risk Committees help organisations function according to good governance, accounting, auditing and risk management standards. The audit committee should regularly assess its own effectiveness and the adequacy of its terms of reference, work plans, forums of discussion and communication. Regular assessment may identify areas in which the committee and its processes might be more effective or may highlight skills and/or knowledge gaps in the committee.

The Audit and Risk Committee checklist is based on charity best practice, Charity Governance Code and on feedback from staff and Audit and Risk Committees; and allows for a self-assessment which should be performed. If an online version is required do contact [email protected] or [email protected] to request a Microsoft Form version.

We can also help Committees by facilitating a workshop to assess performance or performing wider governance assessments. To arrange for a workshop please contact BDO to discuss