• Construction in 2022 and beyond:

    Navigating Construction’s challenging new landscape.


Construction in 2022 and beyond: Navigating Construction’s challenging new landscape.

17 May 2022

Our latest Construction report includes the results of our 2022 sector survey, where we asked UK Construction businesses from a variety of subsectors, to share their views on how the industry is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing issues such as inflation, supply chain disruption and ESG, as well as learning what the future of the industry may hold.

  • 48% say they will reduce their carbon footprint in 2022
  • 47% of businesses performed better than expected in 2021
  • 75% are concerned about labour shortages
  • 70% are worried about materials shortages and pricing

Learn more about what the key challenges and growth opportunities are for the sector and learn how you should be preparing for a successful year ahead.


Hear more from:

Philippa Spence, Managing Director at Ramboll, who tells us how Ramboll are helping their Construction clients lead the way in reducing emissions and making responsible changes for the future of our planet. Philippa joined us at our launch webinar where she spoke more about Ramboll’s work. Watch back here.
Versarien PLC explain how they are reducing cement emissions and going global with their advanced technology.
Kathryn Lennon Johnson, Founder of Built Environment Skills in Schools, lets us in on how she is connecting the Construction industry with education and hopes to fill the future of the sector’s workforce with school leavers


The report also includes insights from our own Construction experts, covering topics such as supply chain, managing growth, employment tax, VAT and R&D.

Webinar: The future of the UK Construction in 2022 and beyond

Ahead of this year’s Construction report, our team was joined by Philippa Spence, Managing Director of Ramboll, to delve into the results of our survey and the big issues affecting the industry in 2022.

Watch back to hear the headlines from our Construction sector survey, how the sector must deal with the ESG agenda, supply chain risks, and how Construction companies are managing growth.


Webinar: Tax and the Construction sector

Our speakers went through some of the latest tax changes that might affect your business and the outcomes of the Chancellor's 2022 Spring Statement. In addition, we heard from Construction specialists in VAT, Employment Tax and R&D.