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Rethinking Motor Retail

28 June 2022

Rethinking Motor Retail is our new podcast looking at the different perspectives on topical business issues, opportunities, and obstacles with the motor retail sector. Hosted by Jonty Bloom, each episode features experts from both the motor retail industry and our specialist motor retail team as we look to the future of the industry contributing to £12 billion in value to the economy.

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Episode 2: The Dealership of the Future

In the second episode of our new Rethinking Motor Retail Podcast series, Jonty Bloom chats to BDO’s Chris Bond and Independent Motor Consultant Nigel Payne, as they discuss the direction of the modern dealership, and where we’re driving towards. Are car clubs the future, or will our dealers become more like Apple genius’? Find out in our latest episode.


Episode 1: Agency Model – What’s on the horizon?

In the first of our new Rethinking Motor Retail Podcast series, former BBC journalist Jonty Bloom chats to BDO’s Kevin Lamb, and Nick Laird, ex-CEO of Ssangyong Motors as they discuss the opportunities and obstacles around adapting your dealership towards the new agency model.


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