Motor Retail

Motor Retail

Car dealerships have weathered the COVID-19 pandemic well, but the motor retail sector still faces both short-term uncertainty around new car supply and consumer confidence and long-term, fundamental challenges to its whole business model.

In order to achieve sustainable business success, the sector is having to rethink how it operates to embrace the transition to electric vehicles, what this means in terms of the relationship between manufacturers and dealerships and the impact on staff, servicing and used car sales. All while managing the day to day running of the business and ensuring a seamless customer experience across digital platforms and in-person.

Dealership of the Future

The dealership of the future will have coped with one of the biggest transformations that the industry has ever seen in responding to the current changes happening and conflicting demands ahead. It will have a diversified offering, appealing to a bigger customer base as it operates in a world transitioning from reliance on the internal combustion engine to a new digital, electrically powered and more environmentally friendly future.

So, what might such a dealership site look and feel like, both to the customer and the staff working in it?

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We work very closely with the motor retail sector. Our experts regularly speak at industry webinars and events. One of the leading advisers in the UK, we work with clients ranging from single site car dealerships to large privately owned and listed groups. We regularly carry out research and publish reports so that we can understand and respond to the trends and developments in the motor retail sector. Our relationships with key industry stakeholders and our audits of the AM Awards all contribute to our knowledge and ability to help you enhance efficiency and protect profit.

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