Off-Payroll Labour in the Public Sector

29 July 2020

Public sector businesses have to consider the off-payroll labour/IR35 rules whenever they engage a contractor. Failing to deal with contractors correctly can expose your business to unexpected PAYE and NIC costs, interest and penalties (higher penalties if you can’t demonstrate that you have taken reasonable care to get things right). Take a look at our IR35 guidance to find out more.

BDO has created a bespoke tool to help analyse and manage the risk of off-payroll labour in any public sector organisation. Working from your purchase ledger entries, BDO’s Off-payroll Risk Manager can help you easily identify your contractors and pick out the high-risk cases for individual review. The tool will then break your contractors down into groups including personal service companies, self-employed contractors and agency workers – allowing you to manage down the risk to your business without having to spend huge amounts of time reviewing individual purchase orders from your supplier population.

Watch our demo video now where we discuss how the tool could help your organisation:

Take a look at our Off-Payroll Labour guidance for public sector organisations.

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