• R&D Benchmarking Toolkit

R&D Benchmarking Toolkit

23 September 2021

Benchmark and Risk Profile your R&D Tax Credit claim using BDO’s proprietary AI Toolkit 

Research and Development (R&D) tax relief rewards companies that invest in innovation and develop new or improved products, processes, and services. They allow you to reduce your corporation tax or claim cash back from HMRC if you are loss making. This can improve cash flow and investment opportunities. 

How much can R&D tax credits be worth to your business?

BDO’s proprietary R&D Toolkit is one of the only solutions on the market that will benchmark your claim and provide a “Priority Rating” (high, medium or low) for potential risks and opportunities.

The R&D AI Toolkit can be used to:

  • Benchmark your R&D claim benefits against companies of a similar size and the industry sector.
  • Generate a high, medium or low “Priority Rating” on risks and opportunities
  • Provides some insight and transparency around your claim variables

Our toolkit could help identify potential risks or opportunities in your claim, including whether it may be at risk of an enquiry by HMRC.

Our mobile ready solution takes five minutes to complete and could provide some insight into the following questions:

  • How does my R&D Tax Relief benefit compare with my competitors or the industry sector average?
  • What factors influence my claim benefit and risk profile?
  • Can I identify specific opportunities to optimise my claim?
  • Can I claim more R&D Tax Credits?
  •  Am I claiming under the correct R&D Scheme?
  •  Is my claim likely to be queried by HMRC or investors on a listing, fund raising or exit?
  • How robust is the R&D Tax Credit claim of a company I am considering investing in?

BDO’s R&D AI toolkit is available for purchase on BDO Store and only takes 5 minutes to complete.

Download now for a hassle-free R&D claims experience.