R&D HMRC Enquiry Resolution

Has HMRC queried one of your R&D claims or sent you a general nudge letter on your R&D claims? It is important to act quickly to protect your business. Any unresolved issue can quickly become time-consuming as well as call into question your tax compliance record. Failing to address the enquiry by HMRC could lead to tax enquiries in other areas, and the disputed claims could come up during due diligence if you try to sell your business.

If you have any concerns regarding the accuracy of your claims for R&D relief, we have the expertise and knowledge to guide you to a satisfactory resolution. You can use our experts to review your claims, correct any errors and prepare a full and complete voluntary disclosure to HMRC, which is the optimal way to correct historic tax issues

R&D claims and dispute resolution services

You will receive the advice and support of established specialist teams in both the fields of R&D and Tax Dispute Resolution. Together, these teams have significant experience in both assessing the technical basis and accuracy of any R&D claims and negotiating and settling any historical errors with HMRC.

We have designed a R&D Tax Benchmarking Toolkit which can benchmark your R&D claim against companies of a similar size and industry sector. If your claim ‘sounds too good to be true’, then it most probably is! If a claim is significantly out of line with claims made by businesses operating in a similar industry to you, this is likely to raise a ‘red flag’ with HMRC. The AI toolkit will provide a “priority rating” on likely risks and opportunities in your claim.

You will also benefit from our strong working relationship with HMRC and our advice on the mitigation of financial penalties and negotiating Time To Pay arrangements for paying back overclaimed reliefs.

Finally, you may find it helpful to use our Alternative Dispute Resolution and mediation services to resolve any long-running and time-consuming disputes with HMRC over R&D tax relief claims.

Please call 0800 0113 451 or use the Contact us form to get our expert advice and support in managing R&D enquiries from HMRC.


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