• Show notes: Rethink Business for ambitious entrepreneurs

Show notes:
Rethink Business for ambitious entrepreneurs

27 April 2021

Through our sponsorship of The Sunday Times Profit Track 100, we’ve spent time with leaders of fast growth businesses across the UK, to share the insights and experiences that have contributed to their business’ success. 

In our podcast, Adam Norris, Founder of Pure Electric, Paymen Sabeti, Operations Director of Sabeti Wain Areospace and Barinder Hothi, Managing Director of The Knowledge Academy share their insights on how their business adapted to changing business environments, how they achieved their goals of international expansion, key strategies they implemented to grow the business and their focus on their sustainability agenda.

Guest Speakers

Barinder Hothi

Barinder Hothi is Founder of The Knowledge Academy, a multi-award winning Global Edtech business, featuring at no. 4 on this year’s Profit Track 100. The business has rapidly scaled from a UK start up to trading internationally in the USA, Australia, and Europe - a truly enviable British success story.



Adam Norris

Serial entrepreneur Adam, became managing director of Pensions Direct at just 33.  Having built up one of the most successful pensions advice organisations in the market, he now focuses his time on his various investments but primarily Pure Electric. Adam believes passionately that Pure can make a meaningful difference to the environment and is driven to make Pure Electric the go-to brand for e-mobility. Known for innovation and being an early adopter, Adam pushes his team to be ahead of the game and at the forefront of new tech.

Paymen Sabeti

Paymen Sabeti is one of the founders of Sabeti Wain Aerospace, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of aircraft seat covers, featured on this year’s Profit Track 100.

Innovative, exacting and value-driven, Sabeti Wain Aerospace designs are the benchmark for quality and design in the industry. Hard work, determination and innovation are just some of the pillars of success that define Sabeti Wain Aerospace. Key for them has been their value-driven leadership philosophy - They are a close-knit family and consider their employees an extension of their own family. They create long term relationships with everyone they work with, including clients and suppliers. They genuinely care that everyone has the opportunity to benefit long term from their team work. 

Long time champion of sustainable production processes, they installed solar panels to provide energy for the plant in the UK and use recycled leather made of waste-leather for seat cover production.

Today, Paymen runs the company together with his sister, Mahnoush Sabeti-Wain, and brother-in-law, Nick Wain which allows them to contribute equally and bring their particular skillsets to the table. 


Stuart Lisle

Stuart Lisle is one of BDO UK’s most senior tax partners. He has over 30 years’ experience of working with growing, entrepreneurially spirited companies and larger private corporates.  These include high growth tech companies and university spin outs, providing focused tax services aligned to their commercial plans and business developments. Stuart’s latest role in the firm is to lead our advisory services in relation to the newly announced Freeports around the UK.

Growth stories from entrepreneurially-spirited businesses

To help inspire ambitious entrepreneurs, we’ve spent time with leaders of fast growth businesses across the UK to share their stories on what contributed to their business’ success and to give you the opportunity to learn from those that have scaled their businesses through uncertainty.

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