You and your business are operating in a new reality. Your supply chains, your workforce, your sales and your financial health will all have been impacted. You may also need to check that your governance, risk management and regulatory controls are still fit for purpose. Even if your businesses have managed to keep operating and maybe thrive, you will be facing new challenges.

As you steer your business and your people through all the changes, you may want to rethink every aspect of your business from the business model and strategy down. You will want to review and rebuild resilience and realise any opportunities to grow.

You will find a wealth of advice and practical guidance to help you rethink how you operate on this Rethink hub. You can join webinars, podcasts or read through articles on a range of business issues. You can also get in touch to discuss your specific business challenges.


How pay and reward impact employee outcomes

As the economy emerges from pandemic, recruiting and retaining people with the right skills to deliver on business strategies has become increasingly difficult and expensive.

A framework for employers

Webinar: Workforce Resilience

Is your business prepared to navigate the new reality after COVID-19? Watch our webinar to learn about effective ways to reduce expenditure in businesses and organisations.

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Moving your business to the UK? It may be much easier in future

A review of UK government early-stage proposals for re-domiciliation principles for a future regime.

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Economic crime summary 2021

An overview of the most significant legislative, regulatory, and industry economic crime news which has occurred over the previous year.

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Working from Anywhere: the new reality

What are the considerations for employers and individuals?

Working from anywhere

Business timeline

Helping you plan for the year ahead with this interactive event timeline.

Planning ahead

Finance function of the future

Helping you maximise productivity from your finance function.

Future-proof your finance function



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Rethinking the regions

Detailed regional knowledge to benchmark your business against your peers.

Rethinking the regions