Rhiza - Enterprise Risk Management

Our comprehensive and effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution is called Rhiza. Rhiza embeds our extensive risk management expertise into a cost-effective, easy-to-use and customisable software solution. 

Rhiza helps overcome the most common challenges organisations face when trying to create an effective and sustainable risk management framework. It uses intelligent design and professional risk management expertise to improve your approach to risk identification, risk assessment, governance, reporting and compliance.

Rhiza will provide you with a dashboard for any and all additional BDO risk modules that you need.


  • Create a centralised, coordinated and up to date view of organisational risk across the business.
  • Deliver meaningful and timely management information
  • Increase business resilience and survivability
  • Save money and time
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Control costs


We deliver a service with a level of care that you can trust and rely on. Rhiza is more than software, it is our commitment to helping you implement your risk management strategy and improve your organisation's management of risk.

Software can’t implement risk management for you – but the right risk management software can make all the difference in building a successful risk management framework. We believe there are six key features you should demand in risk management software.


You need a risk management system that is right for your organisation's size and complexity. Rhiza offers configurable options so you can implement it at the right level for your organisation. You can start with just the functionality you need and add or remove functionality as your needs change.


To make better management decisions you need good risk data, clear dashboards and useful reports. Rhiza collects high quality data and provides clear and concise outputs so you can monitor, understand and manage your risks more intelligently.


Engaging business users is vital to generating high quality risk data. Rhiza is a straightforward and simple solution that makes data maintenance easy, fast and efficient. 


Organisations need software which is appropriate to their appetite for complexity and detail but adapts as their risk maturity develops. Rhiza is simple to use but not simplistic.


The best risk management systems are more than simple workflow managers. Rhiza uses intelligent software design and professional risk management expertise and experience to help you create a first class risk management system.


A risk management system holds very sensitive information and must be secure. Rhiza uses Cloud hosting that means that your data is always encrypted and you can route all access to the software through your organisation’s network.

Comprehensive risk management and assurance at your fingertips

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