RHIZA - Integrated risk and assurance platform

Rhiza supports organisations in implementing and maintaining robust risk, control and assurance frameworks that fit their needs. It effectively helps you embed ownership, management and accountability for risk and control throughout your organisation. It provides a cornerstone for the success of your business.

As the compliance landscape you operate in becomes more complex, you have to demonstrate agile management of risks and controls as well as undertake assurance activities that can stand up to close scrutiny. Rhiza will help reduce the significant demands this places on your on organisations in terms of cost and transparency.

You will be able to co-ordinate your risk, control, compliance and assurance activities with a single platform. You will provide the right levels of visibility for key decision-makers, stakeholders and regulators. Rhiza is your cost effective risk management solution that adds value to your organisation.

RHIZA - Customisable risk tools

Watch our video on RHIZA, a practical solution for managing risk in your business or organization.

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Enterprise Risk Management

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Rhiza embeds our extensive risk management expertise into a cost-effective, easy-to-use and customisable software solution. 

Controls Assurance

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Seamlessly embed transparency and accountability into your risk and control management framework. 

Comprehensive risk management and assurance at your fingertips