• BDO.NED Non-executive director awards

    BDO is pleased to be a supporter of the annual NED awards.

BDO.NED non-executive director awards






BDO is proud to sponsor of the annual Non-Executive Director Awards which recognise the achievements of Non-Executive Directors within the business and not-for-profit community. The awards focus on how the advice and experience of Non-Executive Directors can transform organisations and help deliver long-term success and growth.

Entering the Annual Non-Executive Director Awards

If you know of a NED that deserves recognition for the job they do and the impact they have had, you should think about nominating them for an Award. The seven award categories are:

  1. FTSE 100
  2. FTSE All Share
  3. AIM
  4. Private/Private Equity Backed
  5. Not For Profit/Public Service Organisation
  6. Lifetime Achievement Award
  7. Dame Helen Alexander NED To Watch

The full list of 2020 winners can be found on the awards website.