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Technology Advisory Services

Our Technology Advisory Services team understands the IT challenges faced by mid-sized companies. We have a 30-year track record of using our experience and technical knowledge to deliver strategic, operational and technical IT services that make a difference to our clients. Our services range from one-time independent assessments of IT capabilities to ongoing outsourced IT director roles and hands-on management but we will help you address any information technology challenges you face.

Many mid-market companies have no senior technical IT resource. Responsibility for IT at Board level often rests with a non-technical Board director such the Finance Director. They are often a ‘reluctant’ IT Director and rely on external advice to fulfill their IT responsibilities. If you recognise something of yourself this description, you are like most of our clients.

In working with us, you will get practical advice focused on helping you achieve your business goals. You will receive the independent customer service you associate with professional services and the technical expertise and knowledge of a dedicated IT support team. We will invest the time to understand you and your business and provide the support you need to meet your challenges. Our experience of working with businesses like yours means that we go beyond the stock answer of “bigger and newer hardware/software” that many suppliers favour.

You will get the independence and client service you would associate with professional services as well as the technical expertise and knowledge of a dedicated IT support team. You will be supported by experts with hands-on industry experience. We deliver secure and robust IT services such as hosting, service management and helpdesk that help businesses to succeed.

Below you will find examples of the practical advice and knowledge we regularly produce for “The Reluctant IT Director” and for our IT newsletter.

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