External Audit

Delivering robust, high-quality and transparent external audit services.

External Audit Services

The purpose of audit 

Audits are the foundation of UK capital markets and the corporate reporting regime in the UK and will generate confidence in your company.  

A BDO audit 

Our audits are characterised by independence and professional scepticism. Our audit will be a complete, accurate and fair representation of your financial statements and disclosures for your stakeholders. It will enable your business to deliver accurate and transparent reporting to all stakeholders, which will in turn deliver long-term value. 

Whether you are a privately owned, PE backed, public sector or UK or globally listed company, our 2,500 dedicated audit specialists will deliver a high quality, robust and transparent audit.

Audit specialists  

Our specialist auditors have a deep understanding of your sector and the markets and jurisdictions in which you operate. This approach ensures that your audit is focused on the specific risks your company faces and the relevant regulatory and governance standards.

Local to global 

Our international network includes audit specialists who deliver high quality audits in more than 160 countries internationally. They bring the same professional scepticism and commitment to quality to audits across the globe.

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