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Financial Reporting Advisory

We deliver a range of services designed to help both established and ambitious, growing businesses navigate the complications associated with accounting and financial reporting. You will be able to reduce the strains on you and your team and focus on what matters. You will find that we combine a personal approach with a focus on your business needs to deliver you effective, practical solutions.

Our Financial Reporting specialists can help you with a number of challenges including:

Accounting change

Implementing any form of accounting change can be a complicated and time-consuming exercise. Our team supports will help you navigate the challenges associated with transitioning financial reporting frameworks between IFRS and UK GAAP.

You can also call on us to help your company implement the requirements of new accounting standards. We will ensure you adhere to the requirements of the standards in a way that commensurate with your business. We can also assist with the introduction and ongoing requirements of new standards by assisting with the impact analysis, building models to provide the calculations and journals and making best use of available practical expedients.


Does your company need to reorganise its group structure? You may be incorporating new entities, winding-up existing entities or just moving entities around within the group for tax, regulatory, customer-facilitation or to achieve other needs of the business. Whatever the reason behind the changes we can help.

Your company may also be entering into acquisitions or disposals of one or more companies or businesses in the group. Our specialists provide accounting and reporting advice on the implications of these transactions and structures before the deal is executed so as to avoid an undesirable accounting outcome.

Corporate reporting

The need for disclosure is steadily increasing. The focus on the annual report is on the rise and companies have disclosure responsibilities to the environment that they operate in. Accounting standards themselves require increased disclosure, with some of these featuring in the annual report. Our experts support companies navigate the discharging of these responsibilities by advising on best practice across:

  • Alternative Performance Measures (“APMs”)/Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”)/ non-GAAP measures
  • Codes of Corporate Governance
  • Financial statement disclosures required under law and regulation
  • New presentation and disclosure requirements as a result of new or changed accounting standards
  • Disclosure of material one off or contentious transactions

Other aspects of accounting

Accounting is not just transitioning from one financial reporting framework to another or implementing the requirements of a new accounting standard. Nor is it just accounting for group reorganisations, acquisitions or disposals. Our team can support companies with all aspects of accounting and reporting, including for one-off or new transaction types, or such as:

  • Business combinations
  • Intangible assets
  • Investment in subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates
  • Impairment of non-financial assets
  • Provisions and contingent liabilities
  • Income taxes
  • Employee benefits
  • Share-based payment compensation
  • Discontinued operations
  • Changes in accounting policies
  • Revenue recognition

We provide specialist guidance on the initial selection, implementation, and ongoing support/maintenance of Statutory Reporting Software. Disclosure management software of this nature can help your company to standardise and automate 'in-house' global financial statement preparation. We have a large team of certified implementers who are actively implementing for multiple clients at any given time. We have an established and proven methodology for implementation.

We also offer advice and support on accounting for financial instruments using our in-house team of experts within our Financial Services Advisory practice.

BDO’s Global Offerings & Accounting Advisory practice can also support with all your US GAAP and SEC reporting, accounting and auditing needs.

We would love to talk to you about how we can help you meet your accounting and financial reporting challenges.

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