• Global Payroll Services

    Timely, accurate, compliant global payroll services

Global Payroll Services

Managing global payroll in-house requires expensive expertise. Managing multiple local payroll providers incurs significant burdens and inconsistent service. Both approaches run the risk of non-compliance with rapidly changing global payroll regulations.

Multinationals are therefore increasingly demanding a single global partner that can deliver:

  • Visibility of all in-country operations
  • Controls that meet the most exacting SOX/ISAE3402 standards
  • Integration, automated validation and secure data exchange with HR and finance systems
  • Sophisticated reporting across a global data set
  • Complementary advisory services

By partnering with BDO, you can be sure of satisfying all these expectations with a consistently exceptional global payroll service. Our ability to deliver fully compliant payrolls, payments and regulatory returns – right first time, every month - is based on our ongoing investment in:

  • A sophisticated global payroll technology platform - evolve
  • World class independently audited ISAE3402 SOC 2 controls
  • Global coordination teams proactively managing each payroll from start to finish
  • BDO payroll specialists in 167 countries
  • A single master contract to eradicate the risks and burdens of local contracting

So Much More than Global Payroll

BDO is an integrated full service accounting firm. You benefit from access to our wider expertise in services you’ll need as employers and employing entities with extensive compliance and accounting obligations. 

You  can find a more detailed description of the business/regulatory challenges and benefits of a BDO service in each of these disciplines below.

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You can also expect a consistently exceptional payroll service from our national payroll team if you are looking for stand-alone UK payroll.