• Strategic International Tax advice

    Make sure your international tax strategy gives you an edge.

BEPS and strategic tax advice and implementation

In recent years, governments and tax authorities have taken tough action to combat the perceived tax avoidance of multinational companies. The OECD and its BEPS programme have driven some of these changes. Governments have also introduced unilateral measures such as the UK’s Diverted Profits Tax or US tax reforms.

It seems likely that further tax reforms will emerge, particularly in the digital economy, as countries seek to respond to the evolution of new business models.

Our International Tax team will work with you to ensure that your tax strategy evolves to reflect this rapidly changing international tax environment, including BEPS. We help groups to plan tax strategies that are transparent, robust and supportable to tax authorities, shareholders and other stakeholders. We advise on how to align your tax profile to your commercial substance, use the tax incentives offered by governments, mitigate double taxation and deliver predictable outcomes. 

We can also deliver practical and pragmatic advice and assistance with implementation. We pride ourselves on offering an integrated service across our distinct tax specialisms. Our long experience has shown that collaborating closely with our clients as well as their other advisors delivers the best outcomes.