We work to ensure that the progress we make is focused on the right outcomes for our people, business and wider society. And in growing our business, we want to attract, train and retain high quality people to help us deliver high quality work.  

Unifying culture

Our internal strategy is BUILD and the U in BUILD stands for Unifying Culture. That means fostering an inspiring, challenging and collaborative environment, where people are encouraged to be themselves, are supported to be successful and deliver high quality in all they do. 

Our Unifying Culture priorities are Be Yourself, Wellbeing and Citizenship. 

BUILD Strategy

  • BUILD delivers results for the firm. It allows us to leverage our domestic and global skills to service our clients and audited entities in a changing world.
  • BUILD ensures that as a firm we embrace a digital mindset, to be collaborative and trust each other to deliver tailor-made solutions. 
  • BUILD generates profits to invest and reward our people and ensures our brand is synonymous with helping people and business succeed. 

Culture and Impact Report 2023

This year’s fifth annual Culture & Impact Report covers the year ended 1 July 2023. Our Culture & Impact Report is a publication where we put our strategy and our people stories in one place to showcase how core purpose and values sculpt our culture and to demonstrate the actions we take to stay attuned to cultural and societal changes.
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Our Purpose & Values

Our Core Purpose defines ‘why’ we do what we do, our Values define ‘how’ we behave along the way.
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Be Yourself

When you work at BDO, you become part of our Unifying Culture. You’ll both experience and play a part in fostering that culture, one of the key pillars of which is ‘Be Yourself’.
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Citizenship & Wellbeing

How do we tackle Wellbeing at BDO? What do we do as a business to make the biggest positive impact?
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