Citizenship & Wellbeing

5 + 5 Citizenship

There are things we need to do as a firm to maximise our positive impact on the world around us, but if we enable our people to make a difference at the same time then our impact will be far greater.

That is why we offer our 5+5 scheme, giving ten citizenship days a year to our employees. It is a natural extension to our core purpose, giving everyone the opportunity to dedicate their time to helping people and society succeed.

Citizenship is whatever it means to you – it could be environmental responsibility, upskilling communities or charity fundraising. We’re determined to be a responsible business, but in a way that truly reflects our people.

  • ‘My Action 5’ – Five days for all our brilliant action-oriented activity, for example fundraising, local volunteering, team-giving days 
  •  ‘My Strategic 5’ – Five days where we can use our professional skillsets, for example, working with companies to solve a societal issue or visiting schools to help with CV writing or interview preparation.


Nothing is more important than the wellbeing of our people. Wellbeing is personal and is supported by meaningful and timely conversations along with a framework of wellbeing tools and resources that can be tailored to the individual.

Our community of Wellbeing Champions and Mental Health First Aiders has grown, enabling us as a firm to continue to deliver resources, events and programmes to support our people and positively impact their wellbeing experience both inside and outside of work.

Over the past 12 months we have continued to invest in our wellbeing support including joining the City Mental Health Alliance UK and build on our 2021 Gold Mind Wellbeing Index Award.

Culture and Impact Report 2023

This year’s fifth annual Culture & Impact Report covers the year ended 1 July 2023. Our Culture & Impact Report is a publication where we put our strategy and our people stories in one place to showcase how core purpose and values sculpt our culture and to demonstrate the actions we take to stay attuned to cultural and societal changes.
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Our Purpose & Values

Our Core Purpose defines ‘why’ we do what we do, our Values define ‘how’ we behave along the way.
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Be Yourself

When you work at BDO, you become part of our Unifying Culture. You’ll both experience and play a part in fostering that culture, one of the key pillars of which is ‘Be Yourself’.
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Our Culture

Our Unifying Culture priorities are Be Yourself, Wellbeing and Citizenship.
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