Be Yourself

We aspire to build a culture where everyone can be themselves, ensuring people feel they belong and are supported at every stage of their career at BDO. Our experience shows that creating a firm where our people can be themselves leads to enhanced success, increases profitability, diverse decision-making and - quite simply - makes life more enjoyable.

Our 'BE YOURSELF' Strategy

If we aspire to build a culture where everyone can be themselves, we need to ensure that people feel they belong and are included at every point of their career at BDO. Our Be Yourself strategy is founded on our Core Purpose – helping you succeed – and allows us to check that at four levels: Leadership, Culture, Selection and Development.

What does this mean in practice?

It means we value you as an individual. The essence of ‘Be Yourself’ is knowing that each of our employees feels able to bring their full self to work and can achieve their potential. We know that it’s real people’s experiences that bring to life what it’s really like to work at BDO and would encourage you to read some of our stories of Life at BDO.

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What are our recent developments?

  • We refreshed our Be Yourself strategy which drives all our action relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion  
  • As part of our Race Action Plan, we’ve continued conversations about race – both through an award-winning video and our CEDAR Network Mentoring Programme 
  • In November 2021, we met our publicly stated ambition of reaching 20% female partners 
  •  In November 2021, our Leadership Team signed off new ambitions to reach 30% female Partners by the end of  2030, and 10% BAME Partners by the end of 2026, of which 10% will identify as being of Black heritage  
  • To mark World Day of Cultural Diversity 2022, we launched our eCookbook containing over 40 recipes from colleagues across the firm.  
IWD Report

International Women's Day #EmbraceEquity

International Women’s Day is an important annual event globally, and an opportunity to push diversity, equity and inclusion forward. This year, it’s a moment for all of us to better understand, reflect and raise awareness of what equity, this year’s central theme, means in practice – and what we can each do to make our own environment more equitable. As a BDO Global Network, we have published a 2023 International Women’s Day report, featuring a number of our inspirational women across the network.
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International Women's Day 2023

This International Women’s day (IWD), BDO UK celebrates the achievements of women who have been nominated by their peers and allies for their contribution to gender equity and making positive change to their people, policies and processes in their organisations. Collated in the below booklet are all nominee submissions received, read why they are being celebrated this #IWD.
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Helping one another succeed 

Our culture and our purpose act as an anchor for our people. We are proud of all the supportive networks that have been created by, and are made up of, employees who share a common demographic, passion or belief. These groups have a strong and prominent role at BDO.

Our networks aim to help people connect and collaborate, to learn and share experiences, and come together on events, shared issues and celebratory moments. By bringing together our people and fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, we can truly help each other succeed.

BDO Networks

Culture and Impact Report 2023

This year’s fifth annual Culture & Impact Report covers the year ended 1 July 2023. Our Culture & Impact Report is a publication where we put our strategy and our people stories in one place to showcase how core purpose and values sculpt our culture and to demonstrate the actions we take to stay attuned to cultural and societal changes.
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People at the office

Our Culture

Our Unifying Culture priorities are Be Yourself, Wellbeing and Citizenship.
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People celebrating

Our Purpose & Values

Our Core Purpose defines ‘why’ we do what we do, our Values define ‘how’ we behave along the way.
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Citizenship & Wellbeing

How do we tackle Wellbeing at BDO? What do we do as a business to make the biggest positive impact?
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