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Non-Executive Director (NED) programme

Being a non-executive director is tremendously rewarding. Nonetheless, regulatory requirements and the pace of change make the role challenging. Media attention on executive pay, shareholder activism and governance issues mean the role is also becoming more high profile.

BDO.NED is our non-executive director network. It is an invaluable source of information, advice and support whether you are just starting your NED career or have an established portfolio.

Our non-executive programme will support you through the various challenges you face by providing:

  • Educational and training events to maintain and develop your skills and expertise
  • Reports to keep you up to speed on developments in business
  • Roundtable discussions so you can find out what your peers are doing and thinking
  • Reports on the evolving role and responsibilities of a NED 
  • Insights on topical information and regulation relevant to you and your business

New Needs – New NEDs White Paper

As companies of all shapes and sizes grapple with tough economic conditions and rapidly evolving technology and markets, the role and responsibility of the Non-Executive Director is changing. Our New Needs New Neds two part report discusses how you can make the most of your NEDs by introducing a four core criteria framework and the feedback from the industry.

Read our New Needs - New NEDs


Networking and learning events are a key part of BDO.NED. They are designed to support you in your role and include:

  • Social events with NEDs and executive directors to share experiences and challenges
  • Seminars and webinars on technical issues
  • Roundtables facilitated by experts to share information and experiences on common challenges

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Financial Services NED Group

There is already an active FS BDO.NED Group that meets regularly to both socialise and share experiences. Join this community to meet other NEDs in financial services companies, and discuss technical and industry matters. As you might expect, the group brings together NEDs from banks and alternative lenders, asset managers, insurers and capital markets firms.