Commercial, Financial and Tax Due Diligence support for Kester Capital on its acquisition of Optibrium

Deal typeTransaction Services
IndustryLife Sciences & Technology & Media
Client nameKester Capital LLP

BDO’s Commercial, Financial and Tax Due Diligence teams have helped Kester Capital in assessing the value proposition of Optibrium, a provider of drug discovery software solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

BDO’s work has allowed Kester Capital to gain a deeper understanding of the Cheminformatics space in which Optibrium operates. Additionally, BDO has provided key insights into Optibrium’s new transformative software solution called Cerella which uses artificial intelligence to learn from complex drug discovery data to facilitate the identification of high value compounds. BDO’s support in Commercial, Financial and Tax Due Diligence has contributed to Kester Capital’s acquisition of Optibrium in February 2021.

“The BDO team did an excellent job and their commercial due diligence report provided Kester with a deeper understanding of Optibrium’s products and positioning in an esoteric market. We hope to work with them in future in support of management’s acquisition strategy.”

Peter Ralph, Principal, Kester Capital LLP