Step up from AIM to the premium segment of the Main Market

Deal typeCapital Markets & Transaction Services
IndustryNatural resources & Energy & Technology & Media
Client nameCeres Power Holdings plc

BDO acted as reporting accountant for the step from AIM to the premium segment of the Main Market of Ceres Power Holdings plc.

Ceres has been listed on AIM since 2004, and has decided to step up to the premium segment of the Main Market.

Ceres’ purpose is to enable the generation of clean energy by developing and continuously improving its solid oxide technology relating to fuel cells (for power generation) and electrolysis (to produce hydrogen to be used in future fuels, industrial gases and feedstocks) and potentially for other technologies and commercialising them by licensing them to its partners. 

Ceres has currently licensed its fuel cell technology to a number of partners. These partners currently use the Group’s IP, alongside their scale, industrialisation skills and market presence, to develop and market products which are intended to provide end user customers with low- or zero-carbon power generation products. Ceres’ electrolysis technology is more nascent.