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The UK aerospace industry is recognised as one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers.  It is the largest aerospace industry in Europe with an annual turnover of £29bn, employing 116,000 people and 18% of global market share. 

The international air travel and civil aerospace sector had been flying high for several years but the COVID-19 pandemic grounded flights, reducing demand for manufacturers and disrupted supply chains. 

As the industry picks up pace once again, the UK has the right tools to remain a competitive aerospace superpower, but to remain competitive in the global marketplace it needs to continue its investment in design, innovation, and skills as well as focusing efforts on the ESG agenda.

Our Aerospace team provides an integrated, full-service capability to firms across the industry. We provide real solutions to industry issues, utilising our capabilities in everything from sector-specific tax, audit and business advice to patent box, research and development claims and acquisition challenges to help our clients grow in the UK and overseas.

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