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When you are buying or selling a business or fundraising for growth, you look for independent advice and insight that provides a commercial advantage. You need advisers with a deep understanding of your business objectives and your industry and market.

Our sector-led approach means we are able to provide you with the genuine expertise in what matters to you. You will also find that we are able and willing to challenge where we believe it is needed.

You will also benefit from our commercial insights including analysis of trends, current issues and benchmarking as well as our experience of successfully completing transactions. You can also call on us to deliver a range of invaluable related services including financial modelling, value creation services and PLC advisory.

No matter which sector you are operating in, we have significant expertise and knowledge.



Identifying and analysing the right targets, in the UK and abroad, to support your acquisition strategy can be difficult at the best of times. You then need to negotiate the right valuation and terms. 

Engage us as your Lead Adviser and you will be guided on your strategy and tactics. You will also receive advice on your targets, their valuation and the terms of any offers. Finally, we will advise on deal structures and returns.

We can also support your business planning, bank funding, project management and advise on the tax implications of an acquisition.

You will also be able to leverage our extensive global network and relationships to source the right deals.

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If you are selling a business, we will help you identify prospective buyers and then negotiate to maintain competitive tension between then. We work with a broad range of clients including entrepreneurs, private equity backed businesses and public companies amongst others.

Our sell-side services include:

  • Indicative Valuation
  • Preparation of Information Memorandum
  • Identifying and approaching potential acquirers/investors
  • Negotiation of indicative offers
  • Management of the due diligence process
  • Contractual negotiations through to completion
  • Taxation advice

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Value Creation Services

We specialise in working with clients to create additional value, pre and post deal. We are a dedicated team with a demonstrable track record of working with businesses to maximise returns.

You can work with us to identify and implement EBITDA and working capital improvements, both before and after a deal. This can be to significantly increase your business’s value, support a carve out or implement integrations. We also identify and mitigate potential risks that could reduce transaction value or prevent a transaction from occurring.

Our Value Creation Services team works on both buy and sell side transactions. Our service offering includes:

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Financial Model Build

A comprehensive and well planned and built financial model is an essential part of any successful transaction. Our Financial Model Build team have extensive experience helping clients produce financial models for their business and overlays for various transaction types.

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With nearly 450 dedicated M&A professionals in 50 countries around the world and in every global business centre, BDO has the reach to match your international ambitions. Approximately one third of our projects originated in the UK are cross-border and involve working with BDO offices from around the world.

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