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Food and Drink

There are many pressures bearing down on food and drink manufacturers within the UK. From the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and Brexit to longstanding issues such as supermarket pricing pressures, fluctuations in raw material prices and debates about the reformulation of food to be healthier, to the challenge of finding skilled people to maintain the workforce as more employees retire in the next ten years.

But the UK’s food and drink industry has tremendous opportunities and is known for its new product innovation. Companies can grow quickly and the industry is a vibrant source of mergers and acquisitions. It is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK.
Our food and drink group plays a leading role in the food and drink industry, providing business assurance, tax and business advisory services to manufacturers, distributers, retailers and wholesalers.

With the continued strong deal activity in the industry, we offer a wide variety of M&A services to help clients target new customers and identify strategic buyers looking for opportunities. Our clients range from entrepreneurial and privately owned businesses to publicly listed companies, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

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